March 10: Artist Talk w/ Mason Carter, Mayor of Blendini City

On March 10th, we Zoomed a lively conversation from the Museum with NMOP special exhibition artist, Mason Carter. 

NMOP Founder Len Davidson sat down with local artist Mason Carter to discuss his current exhibition: Blendini City, a Technicolor daydream of speculative urban design in which all the buildings are alive.

Artist Statement:

I came up with the idea of Blendini City in the year 2018, after falling in love with my home city Philadelphia’s architecture and mourning over too many demolished treasures. I thought to myself, “what if buildings had feelings too?” So I just started drawing neighborhoods, and I really had no idea I was going to create a whole world where I would reside as the Mayor.

Being the Mayor, even with its challenges, has been an absolute joy. That’s because I’ve set out to create a city that is well-run, a joy to live in, and offers tremendous opportunities for its people and buildings. From its thrilling transit system to its mosaic of neighborhoods, I hope I can show Blendini City as an alternative to how we think of the future city: an authentic place that celebrates the past, present, and future.

Follow Mason’s work on Instagram (@masonfromblendini) and at


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