100 Things to Do in Philadelphia Before You Die invites you to “stroll along cobblestone streets. Duck into secret speakeasies. Explore urban parks.”  It offers “the inside scoop on well-known attractions and hidden gems plus tips on snagging reservations at trendy restaurants, scoring discounts, and getting the most out of each experience. This updated edition includes more things to do, see, and taste, new itineraries, and updates to every page…  Find out why Philadelphia was the only city in the country to make National Geographic’s list of best places to visit.”

Irene Levy Baker is the author of two Philly-centric books, 100 Things To Do In Philadelphia (1st & 2nd editions) and Unique Eats & Eateries of Philadelphia.  She has spent more than 25 years exploring Philadelphia’s nooks and crannies and eating her way through its restaurants.  Irene is owner of Spotlight Public Relations, a public relations firm specializing in restaurants and hospitality. Prior to that she spent nearly a decade working at the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau.