On View Thru October 23rd: Philly Art Re/Collections

Philly Art Re/Collections: A personal exhibit of prints, posters, paintings, cards and crafts from Philly’s street art & gallery scenes circa 2005 to present

On view through October 23, 2022

Curated by Mary Rastatter.

Featuring work from Cornbread, Ishknits, Stikman, Joe Boruchow, Frank Chappell III, Swoon, Jean Plough, Julie West, Aunt Betty, James Dupree, Alex Eckman-Lawn & Jason Chen, Harvey Weinrich, Kelly Kozma, Sarah Detweiler, Jordan Spaith, Low Lvl, Zoe Strauss, James Talfel Shuster, Kid Hazo, Sam Guzzie, Cody Guzzie, Kaws, and more.